About BDale Fanzo

Proud Dad of two amazing little girls and blessed to have an amazing wife!

Born in Pittsburgh, grew up in Va Beach, went to college at Radford, raising a family in Arizona.

Passion for all Pittsburgh Sports, Poker, Apple products, Social Media, Jeeps, Ice Hockey and living life for the fullest.  

More about the iDeviceFanz Geek side..

I have never worked for Apple or got anything free from Apple & to be honest I have been working the Cyber Security Industry using only Windows Machines for almost 10 years now so the Apple Fanboy addiction is truly only something that I do out of my love for technology.

I switched to Apple Laptops back in 2003 but was didn’t switch to only Apple laptops in my house until 2007.  I was a heavy Blackberry (work phone) user from 2003-2008 and I can honestly say I loved my blackberry.  My younger brother being a fellow geek got an iPhone in 2008 and after playing with his I went out and got one myself.  I  was a big fan of my full keyboard non-touch screen blackberry it took me awhile to jump onto the iPhone iOS bandwagon.   Fast forward 4 years & I have owned every version of the iPhone jailbreaking each one at some point as I got bored & always love to try new things and have some good and bad stories over the past years with jailbreaking.  I purchased two iPad2′s on the day of their release and really love using my iPad for many different multi-media or social media things but in no way has it replaced my need for a Macbook.  I also own an Apple TV which I love but still working to fully integrate it into my house network.. (I need two more )

My entire family (2 Brothers, 3 Sis-n-Laws, 1 Bro-Law & Mom,Dad, Mother-Law, Father-Law) are Apple iPhone users with most having an iPad as well so I am sure you can tell that not only have I done lots of troubleshooting but I also am lucky to have the best test bed & random user scenarios to get information from..

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