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New productive apps on iPhone



Saw this car in Az & couldn’t help but smile..
Who needs little stick figure people…
Apple family!

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Apple Family cool..

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I am curious how important keeping your iDevice apps up to date is to you!


Out of all the things on the new iPhone 5 I was least excited about the bigger screen because I didn’t think it would matter much.. I was wrong.

Web pages & Apps that are updated to fit the new screen really do make a difference. Also see keyboard layout screenshot for those with big beefy thumbs it makes typing easier..

Safari web page


EverNote app is clean


Me typing this post in landscape

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Longer iPhone 5 screen does make a difference

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Sold iPhone 4S for more than new iPhone 5!

Just sold my 32GB iPhone 4S on eBay with my Mophie charger case for More than the new one costs me.

Advantage to understanding how to jailbreak and unlock!

So I made money by upgrading.

If you want to know more or curious the best way to get more money for yours hit me up!

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iPad App: @Zite (My #1 most used app on my iPad)

So as you can tell from this blog I am very much for using technology to make my life easier but I am also a big fan of… “If I can do it on my iPad then why do it the old way”

Well I think Newspapers (Do they still make them?) & Magazine’s (Cute for pictures) are something that are in the past because of today’s fast-moving world everything is about current up to date information…  I Love Twitter for that reason!

So when it comes to the iPad there must be 50 apps that can do everything from pull information from your Facebook timeline or make an online magazine of your twitter followers pictures…

I have tried every single one of these apps and to be honest most of the time I think “Wow this is cool or I love the layout of this…” but the real question is will it be something I will use every day or multiple times a day..

The App I use by far the MOST for getting customized news is ZITE!

I use this app multiple times a day but every night before I go to sleep I pull up this app on my iPad and browse my main feed to get a good a quick view of the news that matters to ME!

What I like:

  • You decide what “categories” you want to have in your custom profile.
  • Multiple Profiles on the same device
  • The App learns what articles you like and dislike by selecting thumbs up or down. (Works great)
  • Easily save articles to read later with direct links to Pocket (I use Pocket for read later)
  • Social Media sharing is just 1 click away
  • Custom Categories
  • App is clean & layout doesn’t give you too many options to overwhelm yourself when browsing