What would I do without my iPhone

If I didn’t have my iPhone I would still need….

Alarm Clock
Remote control
Video camera
Note recorder
Weather channel
Game console
Phone book
Business cards

iPhone has changed my life an the Apple ecosystem makes life easy!



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New productive apps on iPhone



I have always had an issue with battery life on my iPhones but with the iPhone5 if you don’t adjust certain settings it drains fast!

See picture shows full charge & 2% battery left after only 3 hours & 52 minutes!

I was using the phone but no streaming or updating or downloading…

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Battery life #iPhone5 Not impressed!!



The best fantasy football app on iOS is by far the Yahoo Fantasy Football app… Today it got updated & added some missing things (projected points when adding FA) and in my opinion just another reason to keep playing fantasy football with Yahoo instead of the other sites!

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@Yahoo Fantasy Football app is the best (updated!)


Review iPhone 5 Otter Defender Series Case


I purchased this case for my wife from the AT&T store in the same shopping center as my local Apple store. Apple store isn’t currently selling any phone accessories & when visiting Best Buy the display was large but only Rocket Fish & screen protectors were sold there.

My wife noticed right away that she had to press on the screen harder when phone was in the case because of the protective sleeve built in the case. The new plastic cover over the home button is a nice addition to this case.

Although pressing harder isn’t a major issue for added protection this case compared to same case for the 4S seems even more bulky on the sides almost preventing you from moving apps from screen to screen.

The rubber casing & sold feel the phone has in this case is by far the best on the market.

Overall my wife thanks to two kids has no choice but use this type of durable case.

She still likes her otter case!

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iPhone 5: Battery Life still not good enough need Mophie case!

Battery life for me has always been a problem with the iPhones… Yes I am on it non stop & yes I have all features on (except I turn brightness down) but a fix for me isn’t turn off features on the phone.

But if I am playing poker or using it to update this blog I am always worrying about the battery life.

With my 4S I had a Mophie case that added about 60% more battery & I really learned to not leave without that charged.

With all that being said I would rather have the phone a little thicker with longer battery life..

The only thing I notice on the 5 compare to my 4S is that it shows it


Out of all the things on the new iPhone 5 I was least excited about the bigger screen because I didn’t think it would matter much.. I was wrong.

Web pages & Apps that are updated to fit the new screen really do make a difference. Also see keyboard layout screenshot for those with big beefy thumbs it makes typing easier..

Safari web page


EverNote app is clean


Me typing this post in landscape

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Longer iPhone 5 screen does make a difference