Saw this car in Az & couldn’t help but smile..
Who needs little stick figure people…
Apple family!

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Apple Family cool..



I have always had an issue with battery life on my iPhones but with the iPhone5 if you don’t adjust certain settings it drains fast!

See picture shows full charge & 2% battery left after only 3 hours & 52 minutes!

I was using the phone but no streaming or updating or downloading…

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Battery life #iPhone5 Not impressed!!

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I am curious how important keeping your iDevice apps up to date is to you!

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iPhone 5: Battery Life still not good enough need Mophie case!

Battery life for me has always been a problem with the iPhones… Yes I am on it non stop & yes I have all features on (except I turn brightness down) but a fix for me isn’t turn off features on the phone.

But if I am playing poker or using it to update this blog I am always worrying about the battery life.

With my 4S I had a Mophie case that added about 60% more battery & I really learned to not leave without that charged.

With all that being said I would rather have the phone a little thicker with longer battery life..

The only thing I notice on the 5 compare to my 4S is that it shows it

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Who would wait outside overnight for a phone? It’s a phone?

  • Who would wait in line outside to get a phone?

    Outside Apple store these guys were next to me in a hammock!

  • Can’t your just wait two weeks & buy the phone then?
  • Why upgrade from the phone you have it works perfectly fine?

I think I have heard all of these comments before and I can honestly if you would have asked me in college if I would ever be the person that waits outside a store to by a tech device I would say not a chance.   But at the time I had no problem waiting outside or overnight for sports tickets or even concert tickets so I guess it goes to my personality

I think the excitement of getting the device the day its released is defiantly a draw to some people waiting in line of course some people also said pre-ordering the phone online then waiting for the FedEx person was too much of a delay and thats why they wait in line.  I guess for me its kind of a mix of everything.. I like the rush of getting a new de

vice and I love to people watch and talk to others excited about the new device.

I have waited outside the store for the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 & iPhone 5…

I can honestly say when the next iPad (rumored mini) or iPhone 6 whenever that happens I will be in the line again..